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Your wisdom teeth, which are also known as your “third molars,” begin developing in the back of your mouth during late adolescence. While this extra set of molars do have the potential to provide added value to the mouth by increasing its chewing and grinding power, they usually do not grow into the mouth in a manner that allows patients to experience their benefit. Without an oral or x-ray examination, wisdom teeth are prone to go undetected until they begin breaking through the gum or causing other oral health problems. Most people do not have the space in their jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth, which forces the molars to become impacted, cause pain, or develop bacteria or cysts. The proactive and recommended approach to wisdom teeth is to have them removed as soon as possible. At our office, patients will undergo a thorough oral examination, which may include a panoramic x-ray and/or 3-D scanning of the jaw in order to determine the position and size of the teeth. Dr. Sidow is extensively trained to administer anesthesia. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a comfortable and rapid recovery after wisdom teeth removal and achieve the optimum result.

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